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• Once you book your Picnic, we arrive at the location 2hrs prior to your arrival so everything is ready for you.

• 72 hours in advance for bookings is recommended. However, it’s always based on availability, so we recommend that the client plan their picnic in advance and reserve the date and time. Please keep in mind that weekends and Holidays need ample time to reserve as they are preferred days for most.

• We require a 50% deposit to reserve the date and time. This deposit in non-refundable. The remaining 50% is due the 48-hours prior to the picnic.

• If picnic is booked within 72 hours or less, it is required to be pay in full in at the time of booking.

• Booking within 24-hour notice will incurred in $25 upcharge and will be based on availability.

•Add On and color theme changes allowed 48hrs prior event and based on availability

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Because We Care

• Cancellation the day of the event will result in the loss of 100% of the payment.
• Cancellation within 48 hours of an event will result in the loss of 25% deposit
• Date changes are allowed 4 hours before event if is weather related, dates changes within 24 hours for any other reason will result in the loss of 25% of the deposit and will be rescheduled within 30 days and based on future availability.

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